Sunday, 9 August 2015

July 2015

Landy fixed, 1 week house sitting completed and back to the Coromandel to check out some of the Thames/Coromandel councils new designated freedom camping spots.
It was about this time last year when we visited the Coromandel last. To say the least freedom camping on the Coromandel was very disappointing then with limited spots, restricted 1 night parking and that ridiculous 7:30am curfew. But we weren't to be disappointed this time we found some great spots, were allowed to stop 2 consecutive nights and didn't have to move on until 9:00am.
It really made our trip up to Port Jackson and the tip of the peninsula so much pleasanter with a choice of different places to stop on the way up and down. In fact if we'd known the experience was going to be this good we would have planned to stay a bit longer but unfortunately we couldn't, too many places to go and people to see. Never mind though there is always next time.

Well done to the NZMCA for fighting our corner and thumbs up to the Coromandel for coming to the party.


  1. Good to hear the improved frredom camping in Coromandel. We recently enjoyed the DOC camps at Wentworth Valley and Broken Hills which are near Pauanui and Whangamata. Ian

  2. Yes these are cool spots too. I love the waterfall at Wentworth. Was the hot shower working? My husband is still traumatized after taking a cold shower there last winter. I think ' head freeze' was the term he used.

  3. Yes the Wentworth falls are spectacular. We continued up the track to the top of the range, but the track was very muddy as motorbikes were using the track. Not sure that there was any hot water at the DOC shower, but our motorhome shower was hot. Ian