Sunday, 3 April 2016

Trounson Kauri Park DOC

Only a very small DOC site but it does have its benefits. Hot showers and cooking facilities. The walk was only a short 1.8km but it made a good jogging track. Our jogging fitness isn't up there at the moment, as it can be quite hard finding appropriate routes when you move around so much. Still I was pleased we managed to loop it 3 times, covering about 5.4km by my calculations.

It always pays to walk the track and check the terrain/route the day before you jog. In this case it was handy to clear a few branches that had fallen down in the storm. Other times it's saved us costly detours when we've missed a sign going one way to see it clear as day going back the other way. Or even helped us make the decision that the route might be too slippy/steep to jog. Good idea to check the tides too because if part of your route is down the beach it can be pretty hard on your legs running in the soft sand at high tide.

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