Thursday, 22 January 2015

1st House Sitting

First 'House Sitting' or should I say 'Garden Sitting' as we had no access to the house. It was good to have access to the pool though.
Note to self if we ever do house sitting again in summer there must be a pool! Indoor heated pool during winter now that could work too!!!

Loved the animals but couldn't eat a whole one. Fortunately they could and we didn't have to eat our leaving presents on the last day (one whole baby rabbit each). It's amazing how animals sense things. I recon Lexie and Snuffy (dog n cat) knew we were leaving and so did the chucks. After 10 days of patiently feeding watering, cleaning out their cage and talking to them they eventually decide to start laying on the last day. Oh well at least we got one egg each, however small it was. It's the thought that counts.

So back to our number one POP in Thornton now and time for Lexie dog to have a rest. Told you no dog was going to out jog us especially one with legs that short. Sweet dreams Lexie.

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